"And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor, shall be lifted - Nevermore!"


It wasn’t one of those happy summer days. Aaron was in TV room, zapping channels and the minute he pressed the button to change to a sports channel he heard the speaker saying the word mutants. He opened previous channel and listened what was she saying. It was a discussion program. Most idiot people in this country waas discussing what should the government do about these mutants. One was trying to defense mutants but he wasn’t good enough. He was just admiring the powers like a little kid loves his superheroes. This kind of programs were getting too famous lately. Everywhere was full of this shit and this was driving Aaron mad. His anger was so big that he had headaches.

He turned the TV off and went out with big steps. He needed some fresh air to calm himself down. Maybe go for a walk on Central Park. He hurried down the streets his head down. He knew every street, every shortcut and every dead end in this city and now he could go anywere not even looking where he is going. Then voila! Central Park was in front of him. Then he raised his head. Listening the voice of birds and trying to avoid the noise of traffic and people. He felt the summer breeze wash his head and clear his mind. Now he wasn’t in hurry at all. He was walking around slowly. He saw a group of people in the distance but didn’t paid much attention. “They probably are hippies" he thought. then he noticed their clothes first. They weren’t hippiess. And looked the signs they’re holding. He went closer to read them. These people were so far from being any kind of peace seeker. They were looking for fight. Between normal humans and mutated things.

Then he saw a girl approaching them and telling something. He was too far to hear what she told but the way she speak, the look in her eyes made Aaron think that she is one of his kind, a mutant too. He hurried through her. She was really as annoyed and angry as him. he could see that. She was almost running so did he. He catched her finally and reached to his shoulder and touched her slowly with the tip of his fingers. He was scared that her power could be something fatal and works with touch so he pulled his hand as fast as he touched her.

“Are you okay?” he asked slowly. He was really worried for her.

Steel sapphire eyes shifted upwards to meet those impossibly dark mocha pools staring back at her. He was concerned for her, of course he was, she looked as though she was about to do something terrible but the distraction of toppling into someone was a welcomed one. Calming her racing breaths and focusing on the sound of his voice before she managed to find her own. “I’m - uhm - yeah, I’m fine. Thanks…” The words were rushed, each one becoming calmer than the one before it though. Ignorance would always exist in the world, there would always be a faction of society being subjected to the hatred of others and she just so happened to be a part of what a lot of people hated now.

"Sorry about, you know, being such a clutz." Swallowing thickly before she stood back at her full height and studied him for a moment - handsome, kind, something different lingering behind his eyes, something familiar - a mutant?

Wanda seemed to be spending more and more time away from the headquarters of the faction she was rather expected to be a part of as each passing moment with those people was beginning to make her feel more like a prisoner or a weapon to be used rather than anything else. She had taken it upon herself to begin traveling but the cities seemed to become her favorite destinations. Most recently she had visited the sprawling splendor of macabre history that was the New Orleans cemeteries and eerie bayous but today she was in New York once more. She kept lingering on the proverbial edges of the mansion, just a few miles and she would be there — was she starting to run towards the hope and the peace that she had heard Charles and his students preach about? Was it so wrong to want a bit of peace in her life for once? Did that mean her very thoughts were a betrayal against her brother and her father?

As these thoughts began to weigh on her she came across an anti-mutant protest happening in Central Park. “These people, these things are dangerous!” The man in the center of the group holding signs splashed with images and words of hatred shouted and people chimed their similar thoughts. A frown pervaded across her features as she stepped closer to them. “What’s to keep them from destroying us all?! Their very existence is a threat against our way of life!” The man continued passionately. “You’re right.” Wanda broke into the rabble and the people turned to look at her. “What is keeping them from destroying you all?” Eyes darkening and narrowing as quiet venom dripped from her chosen tones. “That is what you should really be focusing your efforts on rather than preaching hate about them. Like you said, there are a lot of dangerous mutants out there and you wouldn’t want to make the wrong one angry.” Oh, the simplicity of how she could make him so overwhelmed with a reality she wanted him to see that he would have clawed his own eyes out but that was what these people wanted - more of a reason to fear and hate her kind.

"Little girl, you have to understand that…" The man began but she cut him off. "Oh, believe me… I understand all too well. It’s you who doesn’t understand but you will…" The way she spoke those words was eerie and left the man silent as well as his wayward gathering. Huffing a bit as she walked away from them without so much as another word. Anger clouded her vision and threatened to inspire her to do something she would no doubt regret as she stormed away from them. Lost in herself she wasn’t watching where she was going and she found herself running into something or rather somewhere which caused her to nearly collapse onto them. Managing to regain herself enough to keep them from falling she was already murmuring an assortment of apologies. "I’m… Uhm, sorry, I wasn’t…" Paying attention, that’s what you meant to say.

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"You’re right, I suppose. I did dig a little deeper than necessary." She said apologetically. Such a mental invasion probably wouldn’t have gone unnoticed even by an untrained mind. The person may not have known what was exactly happening, but they’d notice that something was off. Unprepared for Wanda’s trick, dark eyes widened in shock as a newly formed kitten purred in her hands. Wondering if anyone else saw, she cast a glance over her Wanda’s shoulder, but luckily any other citizens were too preoccupied to notice. 


Elizabeth smiled softly at the small kitten, succumbing to her affection for feline creatures. “Delusional?” A light chuckle passed her lips. “Is it so wrong to dream of peaceful solutions?” Charles’ dream may be a little far-fetched, but that didn’t make it impossible. Nor did it make those who shared the same ideals foolish either, in her opinion. “You just transformed a tea cup into a kitten, Ms. Maximoff. All things are possible, even the most seemingly hopeless causes.” 

She met Wanda’s gaze, now that the cup had returned to its original form. “No, that is where you are wrong. Most of mankind tend to think of themselves as superior, even towards their own species. They shun others because of their differing skin colors and social classes. They even shun us because we have power that they will never have. But we are all the same, when you strip away everything else. We are simply…people.” 

"To dream without action is to hope without cause." Wanda began. While she may have been young that didn’t mean that she was ignorant to the ways of the world they found themselves in and unfortunately enough she had been subjected to enough to understand things. Action — that was what drew her partially to her father’s cause, the lustful intention to act rather than just hoping that one day the world would change. It never would as all change in the past had been fought for and she was going to fight even if that meant quite literally at times. The woman’s words about beneath them all they were just people and it made Wanda slightly tilt her head. "I haven’t felt like a person in a very long time. I’ve only ever felt like a freak or a monster simply because I was born differently. So beneath that basic fact about people, hatred and fear stagnates anything else. Because most of these people you speak of think we are nothing more than abominations, a mutated version of people.”



"No." She said flatly. "That isn’t the reason at all." 


Betsy understood her hostility. She knew well enough what it was like to have someone invade something so private. Perhaps Wanda did not care about the telepath’s predicament, but judging from her reaction it seemed that she had bad history with another psychic. Whatever happened between them must have left scars that hadn’t quite healed. “I see…” Elizabeth mused aloud. She moved her hands to the empty teacup in front of her, clutching it gently. 

That grip seemed to tighten as she listened to Wanda describe what it was like to have Betsy in her mind. Psylocke frowned, her ego newly bruised by the other female’s words. “That terrible, am I?” She asked.  Her abilities were far from perfect, but the former assassin was sure that she was a lot more skilled when it came to listening in. “I am hiding from from people who are as ruthless as your leader. And I run to those you would call enemies.”

There was a barely-there narrowing of her eyes when the woman seemed almost wounded by the teen’s words and it reminded her that, like herself, perhaps many judged the other based solely on her abilities. There was no way Wanda could have known about Betsy’s past other than what she was able to observe like any other - the accent of her voice, the distant nature of the way she carried herself and the venom dripping from her tones at the mere mention of Erik, he tended to have that affect on most. “It’s a trespass, is what I mean. You wouldn’t want someone wandering around in your mind especially if it wasn’t a very nice place to be even for the individual.” Wanda’s eyes noted the idle touch of the teacup and she watched it long enough to warp the reality of it, infusing it with magenta energy and making it turn into a pure white kitten with the same designs in it’s fur that the teacup had painted onto it. “I don’t believe it’s us who would call them enemies. Delusional, reclusive and naive but not enemies, at least not in my case.” A light shrug was offered. Wanda felt differently about the world she existed in than the beliefs of Charles and his like-minded followers but she wasn’t nearly as hateful as her father. Lightly shaking her head as these thoughts wandered through her mind. “Besides…” Trailing off a bit as the kitten returned to being just a teacup. “Assuming we’re all alike is what the humans do and I don’t intend on holding any similiarities to that sort of ignorance.” The words almost thoughtful as she looked back over to the woman. 




      ❝Well, that’s boring.❞ Regan let out a sigh of vague annoyance,
      head tipping back with aggravation. ❝What else are we supposed
      to do around here?❞ 

"You’re right, it’s not the most invigorating thing to do but drawing unwanted attention to ourselves also isn’t something that we want." Wanda had learned that lesson somewhat the hard way.



      ❝Mmmm, yeah. So is this place always such a bore,
         like, seriously, there’s nothing to do. So, what do
          you say that we go out, and destroy something,
           ————————————— maybe?

The sound of the voice caused the brunette to turn and tilt her head ever-so slightly as if she were a curious kitten of sorts. “No.” She began in her usual deadpan tones. “Refrain from doing any of…” Looking the girl over curiously before tilting her head in the opposite direction. “… that.”

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       Lorna was sitting in a cafe in the city, sipping at her coffee as she looked out the window. She didn’t think she’d ever get used to the rush of New York. She had grown up in a small town in the midwest, needless to say, the city life was something of unfamiliar to her. Taking a bit of her doughnut, she looked around the small place for a moment. It was quaint. A respite from the bustle on the street. Of course, she still got a few surprised looks because of the green hair, but if you were going to go out in public with green hair, that was something you got used to. Despite all that, she quite liked the general calmness of it all. Looks were deceiving though, and as her eyes settled on a dark haired girl, Lorna started to panic a little bit. She recognized the girl right away. It was Wanda. Her alleged half-sister. She wasn’t really the person she had wanted to see right now — or anytime really. Bringing the doughnut up to her mouth, she swallowed the last few bites of it, eager to leave. Looking up again, she found that Wanda had already set eyes her. 


Lorna blinked a few times before looking away and sighing. She mumbled to herself, “Covert ops are my specialty too.”


Like so many others who existed on the ‘other side’ of her own she only knew of Lorna by reputation and what Pietro had told her about their - sister? It had always been a very small family that they called their own and while it was never perfect it was theirs and so when she heard of another existing out there she was unwilling to stand idly by. Of course, she hadn’t been following the other but this little cafe tucked away from the constant unnerving bustle of the city right outside it’s doors had become one of her favorite places although it was a long way from where she was expected to be - New York definitely wasn’t Canada. The tones in the girl’s voice caused Wanda to flinch a bit before she came to sit across from the girl with the uniquely-beautiful hair, Wanda loved things that most would deem different. Bringing a knee to her chest as she rested her chin against it before the softness of her voice was found. “I wasn’t following you. I thought about it when Pietro told me about you but…” Trailing off for a thoughtful moment. She hadn’t wanted her first encounter with Lorna to be laced with ill intentions. “I just wanted to see you even if it was only once.”



Betsy swallowed hard once she heard the other woman’s remark. How could she have known? Instinctively, her entire body tensed in preparation for any sign of retaliation on Wanda’s end. She was quite calm, but Elizabeth knew better than most that appearances could be deceiving. It would be problematic if things got messy, especially since they were in a  public place. She could only imagine the news reports and worst of all, it would have been all her fault for eavesdropping. 

The Brotherhood member rose from her seat and came over Betsy. Her movements were casual, but Psylocke still remained tense. Things were different now that Wanda knew of Betsy’s intrusion. 


"Forgive me for listening in, but there are people looking for me. I have to stay sharp." Slender digits wrapped around her cup before it met her lips. "So, how did you know I was eavesdropping? You ever run into a telepath before?"

Wanda had learned her lesson about making a scene and splashing her abilities about in public after the incident at the Xavier Mansion but it wasn’t the injuries she sustained or even Erik’s glares that staved her from repeating the offense - it was Pietro’s unrelenting disappointment in her. She never wanted to see that look in her brother’s eyes again even if that meant swallowing back how she felt about another mutant traipsing around in her mind. “Are people looking for you because you’re trespassing in the minds of other’s?” Wanda’s tones were a bit more biting than she had intended them to be and it caused her to glanced down at her hands for a moment. “You could say I know one by reputation alone…” She meant Charles, Erik had warned her about him but she had never personally encountered him. “How could I tell? Well, other than your stare it felt as though someone were stomping around in an attic except the attic happens to be my head. So…” Looking back over at the woman. “Who are you running from and who are you running to?” This wasn’t about sides, no, this was simply about speaking with someone who was like herself.

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"Oh wow…" Frej inched back in amazement." He had never heard of such a power, in fact, he never knew such a power existed. Being on opposite sides (although not on opposite sides of spectrum) Frej wondered if she had the power to simply kill him there and then. "How does that work exactly?" He leaned in, authentically interested. "Oh me? Nothing compared to that. Think of it as limited mind control. I can manipulate the pheromones in others." He plastered on a smile.


A slow yet brightened smile caressed her features in ways it never really had before when a faint giggle escaped from her as well at the mention of what he was capable of doing. “Ah, so like, a bit of Aphrodite in you.” Wanda had studied mythology because before she understood what she was and what she could do the Gods were the closest thing she could compare herself and her brother to so she wouldn’t feel like such a freak. Chewing her bottom lip for a moment she lifted one of her hands as bright magenta energy swirled around it but light enough no one would notice. Waving her hand across his it turned his skin into a kaleidoscope of ever-changing colors. “I just think it, concentrate on what I want to be changed and it just… happens.” The colors reflected in her eyes before she looked back over to him.